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And I thought that I found myself today. But the truth isn't far behind me...

I'm living a lie. Who are you to know my story?

21 January
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My name is Brianne. I'm 17. I go to a Quaker private school. I have a gill. When I grow up I want to live by the ocean and have a corn field. I'm scared of mall railings, and hate being chased and tickled. I'm easily angered. I am in love with volleyball. I love it more than my mom. I twitch alot in my sleep. I like older men (much older). I'm 100% comfortable talking about my bowel movements. I drool alot in my sleep. Once when I was 13 I bought Depends instead of tampons. Man did I feel silly. Good advice: Never plan too far ahead in the future. You're only screwing yourself up that ass, hard. I am a control freak. I am awesome at twister and limbo..can't touch this. I don't like snotty girls. They make me want to slap a bitch, damn. I hate guys that are into cars and cry more than I do. Pussies. I make the most amazing songs on my guitar. They aren't too tasteful or easy on the ears, but are always a good time. I think goldfish are useless and completely unproductive animals. They're just gross. I despise hot dogs. I'm not the most intelligent person. Some Michael Jackson songs make me horny. I'd have to say one of the most disheartening things to watch is someone eating by themselves; especially older people. I probably laugh as much as I cry. I make weird humming noises when I get really engrossed in movies. I stress very easily. Sometimes I snort when I laugh. I'd like to go to Harvard for college..ha yes actually. I think vegans, vegetarians, pacifists, hippies, and hard-core democrats are ridiculous. Yeah, kay kill yourself. One day I hope to surf, and be cool like that. I prefer the country over the city. I want to move to California. When I get big I want to be a movie producer and screenplay writer. And if all else fails I will DEFINITLY be a volleyball coach, hardcore. I dunno guys, I'm 'C' to the double 'O' to the 'L'. What can I say?
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