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feel like a million bucks..

yo crackas. i just finished watching I, Robot, bootleg ofcourse. sucky quality, and this old fat guy with a hat kept walking by the screen. but all in all it was a pretty good movie. looks as though Will Smith has been getting in shape a little too...woo woo. i've been really disappointed with the MTV shows lately. i mean, obviously i love watching Ashlee and Newlyweds as always, but they need to spice shit up a little. Road Rules this season, is GAY. all the Made shows have been about stupid things like..SCHOOLS IN JERSEY?!! um i mean, jersey may be my homeland, but please, really. come on now. and they really need a Rich Girls 2...i miss my Ally and Jaime. i say we cancel Direct Effect, cuz who watches that shit anyway, and add in some rich bitch shows again! yeah, word. i think MTV should have a Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen reality show. that would be the BOMB. everyone would watch it. man i'm so smart, i can hardly stand it..
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