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what the shit was THAT?!?

well hello friends. i haven't posted in about a million years, but now i have such a worthy entry i must keep record of it. well first off volleyball camp was ok. didn't really learn too much. but i did learn that girls attending marist on a full D1 scholarship aren't necessarily too all. then i got a new job at old navy. and that sucks pretty bad, but i'm making money, so oh well. and man i really thought old navy was bad, but i think i've experienced the worst thing in my young life the other day. and holy shiznicks do i have some emotional scars from that adventure. so on wednesday my senior class left to go on our AQE camping/hiking trip. it was safe to say it rained a bit...the whole friggin entire time. it poured and it was colder than cold on that goddamn mountain. the hike was up and down scheer rocks that were so slippery. it was crazy. i almost felt bad when nathan fell, after i was done laughing though. so after hauling our asses over mountains all day with like 70 lb. packs and waiting for slow ass people to catch up we pitched our tents and ate cheese sandwichs. soggy melted cheese sandwiches never tasted so good. what a feast. then finally 4 of us ended up sharing 2 sleeping bags. our tent flooded and we slept in a huge puddle. it was great, just great. and we woke up to even more rain and some more flaming hiking. finally the weather got so bad they had to send us home a day early, and that was the most joyous moment in my life. i can't even emphasize the agony. we all went mad up there..mad. nervous breakdowns left and right. but now its over. i feel like i just came back from vietnam. it is nausiating to even speak of it. ugh. i suggest you break your legs with a baseball bat right before your AQE trip. it WILL be worth it. i need so much therapy right now...
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