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shit, shat, shit

wats good in the hood. well to bring everyone up to date, my bowel movements are now regular. no more of that nasty orange flavored granny ass fiber powder crap in my apple juice. nope nope nope. so i went to the doctor today (the jew doc- ehck) and he informed me that i am now a whopping 5'3 1/4". yes yes, i have grown 1/4 of an inch. congrat-u-fucking-lations to me. that was the extent of my wonderful day, so yeah.

"Hello, you've reached Arnold's Pizza Shop. I'm not here now, I'm out killing pepperoni..If you don't fuck around, I will give you good pizza. If you do fuck around, I'll take a pepperoni and punch it through your head..So get back to me or I'll get back to you or I'll crush you like the whimpy piece of shit you are..." oh arnold, oh lol
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