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Summer blows these days..

Welp, here is my first entry. Not much of a winner, but here goes. Summer has been pretty suck thus far. I'm a little disappointed. Not only is summer like half over, but I have spent half of it not being able to shit. I haven't gone in weeks. It's a terrible feeling, terrible. But only another week or so until Virginia Beach with the Riz! So hopefully that will be tons of fun. And there better be hot guys there. I can't remember the last time it was that I saw one. :( Alright guys, stay black, keep it gangsta.
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yo yo nigga... youre crazy fo real. noone wants to kno that you cant shit or about any of your bowel movements at all for that matter. but VA beach is gonna be fun, lots of sun and sand. what more could we want? well u want hot guys but im taken so we'll find you a sexy beach boy. anywho... nice LJ.

the Riz, live and in color
listen riz, my poop matters. and if i'd like to share it with the world, then poop for everyone. hmm!