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ow man

i haven't posted for an eternity. i've been so busy. i've been doing work every waking moment of the day, in the car, in the bathroom, while i eat, everywhere! i can't even pee without thinking of a calculus problem. but anyhoo. yesterday was supposed to be the semi-finals of the HVAL volleyball league. but due to the unexpected weather it was cancelled. there were no make-up dates so the league decided to take the higher seed of every team playing and advance them to the finals and just screw everyone else. well my team got screwed. so we are out of the playoffs completely and we didn't even get a chance to play. it sucks so bad. this season was terrible. we lost so many games, and being a captain, it makes me look baaad. what a failure of a season, and it was my last one too. (tear tear) hopefully basketball and softball season make up for it.
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