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loves it

i feel like shooting myself in the face. it's already august. summer is almost over and i can't say anything very substantial has happened. brianne doesn't love it. nope nope nope. but tomorrow is the first day of volleyball camp. that should be fun. my bitch arial and i should have an interesting time with that. i'm anticipating a fight with one of the girls there. i sure hope so, because i'd like to release some anger. and who better to take it out on than a chick you don't know while in loose fitting clothing and knee pads? it's like it was planned or something. i'll just pick a fight with the skinniest little shit there, maybe one of the younger ones, like 11 or something. hate little kids anyway. bitches and hoes. i figure i have to get into fights with little kids before i turn 18, because then the fun is over and it's prison for me. oh speaking of prison, holy red hot balls of the devil, i almost had a conniption fit last night. i was watching the encore of the Man in the Mirror VH1 michael jackson movie, and oh shit, people wanna die. that movie made him out to be some kind of flaming retard, incapable of wiping his own ass. and can we say someone was on a makeup budget? next time when you try to make a black man appear white, baby powder ain't gonna cut it. sorry. my poor michael, i still love you.
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